Lynn VanGinhoven

Lynn is a performer, composer, and a certified piano instructor with years of experience.

It is through God’s grace that He has anointed my life through music. My first memory playing the piano was at the age of three.  I heard the song “More” on the radio.  I climbed up to the piano began to play it by ear.  My parents were very supportive of my passion for the piano from the moment they heard me play that day.  As a teenager in 1978, I performed with my piano instructor on separate pianos as a duet in the New York State Concerto Competition. I played the composition written by Dmitri Kabalevsky by memory, and we made it the finals.  I was very competitive and able to play anything from Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin to the complexities of Liszt.   

I taught elementary music in the public school system with a Degree in music education and composition. I love children and love to teach piano. However, the process within the public school became daunting with its politics and review process.  Over the past 20 years, I have played worship music in the church. I began hearing new songs in my head.  When I would share one of those songs with my husband Mark, he would cry and tell me “You have so much more to offer. People need to hear your music.” So, it was with his encouragement, love, prayers, and faith that I left my career in education after 21 years.  

Six years ago, I produced my first album To The Heavens. The songs I have written and performed are a reflection of my spiritual experiences throughout the years.  God’s words are spoken one note at a time in my melodies. They are songs for every emotional moment.   

My spiritual journey led me to a trip to The Holy Land in Israel in 2013, where I was blessed to meet and become friends with Contemporary Christian recording artist Ginny Owens.  It was on that amazing trip that I was baptized in the Jordan River. I walked on the land where Jesus walked, I saw the sites and experienced the knowledge that I read about in the Bible. I have never been the same since this trip.  It completely changed my perspective and insured my belief in God.  I no longer have questions of my faith.  I know just who God is!!  I Am Truly Blessed!

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"Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world." - Martin Luther

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